Are Your Nerves Stopping You From Performing Your Best?

We know our dogs are affected by our emotional state. 

Learn to tame your trial nerves and unleash your true potential. Your dog will thank you!

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"Nerves prevent us from running with power and flow, and ultimately affect our dogs." Kathy Keats

Your Nerves

It's hard to run smoothly when your guts are churning and you are shaking like a leaf.

Your Mind

Nerves cause your focus to scatter and jump around, making it impossible for you to connect with your dog.

Your Fear

Bad nerves occur because of perceived threat. Learn to enjoy competing and looking forward to the challenge!

"Your words of wisdom will again help to clear my brain fog and lift my spirits to hold my head high, give things my best shot, and enjoy my dog and the experience with her, no matter what!"

Val Henry

Here's What You'll Learn

(The same tools used by Olympians and professional athletes!)

You have an ideal activation level where your body and mind are in perfect balance, and you are able to perform to your potential.

Excess nerves are the result of overactivation—poor emotional, psychological, and physiological control to a perceived threat.

But performance nerves don't have to be debilitating. And they don't have to hold you back from your goals.


Master coach, world champion, and mental game expert Kathy Keats goes over the most common and useful mental tools to control nerves.

You get lifetime access to 30+ lessons that you can watch at your leisure that will help you to:

  • help you calm your nerves
  • control your breathing and heart rate
  • relax your muscles
  • and focus your mind on your performance.


  Course includes:

  • Understanding nerves and ideal activation
  • Effects of threat level on nerves
  • The 5 Foundational Nerve Busters
  • 12 Quick Fix Nerve Tools
  • 7 Advanced Tools of Experienced Competitors
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to 3 Q&A webinar replays

 Don't let performance nerves sabotage you any longer.

Tame your ring nerves for good!


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