Webinar series presented by Kathy Keats

Multi-world champion / multi-sport international competitor

The fastest way to improve your agility!

MIndset isn't just for professional handlers or for competitions. 

A stronger mindset helps you:

  • Learn quicker
  • Feel less frustrated
  • Believe in your abilities
  • Help you stop sabotaging yourself
  • Practice better (and smarter) with more intensity and fewer physical repetitions
  • Be a better teammate for your dog

Are You Tired Of Sabotaging Yourself?

Imagine going to the line, laser-focused, brimming with confidence, BELIEVING YOU CAN DO THIS!

Yes, it is possible! 

That's what happens when you develop a strong mental game. 

And mental game is a set of SKILLS you can learn.

With expert mindset coach KATHY KEATS!


Build Belief In Yourself From the Ground UP In Dog Sport

In this webinar series, you will learn:

Webinar 1

Defeating the inner critic

How to deal with negative self-talk, Imposter Syndrome and other self-sabotaging messages.

Webinar 2

Programming your mind for success

Build a toolbox of strategies to create the belief you can —and WILL — be successful. 

Webinar 3

Is your training killing your confidence?

Learn to differentiate between mental game issues and training issues, how they both affect the other and how to train so confidence is a natural by-product.

Webinar 4 

Dealing with adversity and developing mental toughness

How do top competitors seem to be able to save potential disasters and turn them into great performances? Learn to build resilience and recover when everything is going wrong.

Webinar 5

How to maintain your sanity in a crazy world without burning out 

In a world of social media highlights, FOMO, and chasing magic bullets, how do you stay enthusiastic and true to yourself without burning out? We will discuss peer pressure, high expectations, bullying and social media ... and how to focus on your journey.

BONUS Webinar

Q&A, bring your questions, and Kathy will answer them live!

Mindset has never been more important

Who couldn't use more focus, energy, enthusiasm and mental toughness right now?

ONLY $29 USD! 

Live Coaching

Live coaching from 3-sport international competitor, world champion, and mindset expert Kathy Keats.

Audio, video and transcripts

Learn at your computer, in your car or curled up in your favourite chair.

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Access to all the media for as long as I'm around! :)

Kathy has an uncanny ability to read and understand exactly what every competitor needs in regards to the mental management side of this sport! She is definitely the kind of coach and mentor every athlete deserves!

— Stacy Peardot-Goudy

About me

I started my sport career as a promising elite basketball player.
BUT... I often struggled to perform. I would get close to reaching my goals then I would sabotage myself. I came to realize that no matter how many sport psychology tools I had in my toolbox, my nerves, my fears and my frustration often got the better of me.
My belief is that the sport psych tools are important, and I teach many of those in the course, but those only end up being bandaids if we don’t understand the underlying processes that are causing the fear and anxiety in the first place, so you can work towards building true confidence and mental mastery.
Once I learned this lesson, I went on to compete internationally for Canada at world events in basketball, dog agility and sheepdog trialing (herding), win national and world championships, and coach at the university level in basketball and internationally in dog agility.
And I've helped thousands of competitors at all levels how to be more confident and focused, manage expectations better. My students have gone on to win national championships of their own, make world teams, and simply find more joy competing with their dogs.

Don't get left behind!