Are you sick of coming up with new ideas for drills in the space you have?

The Agility Coach Drill Notebooks have nested drills for different sized spaces that takes into account what fits into what space. These drills work on different common sequences, with additional notes added on breaking down the drills. Even if you do not have a large space for the large space drills, there are notes on breaking the sequence into smaller drills.

Four notebooks totaling over 200 pages of drills, insights, sequences, notes on what to look for and ideas to keep your training fresh! Whether you have a large summer training space or a smaller winter space, these notebooks will give you training ideas for months! Courses are nested to give you lots of work off of one set. 

Over 50% discount to buy as a bundle!

What you get:

  • 4 PDF ebooks
  • Over 200 pages of notes, drills, sequences and ideas
  • Nested sequences to minimize set-up and moving equipment
  • Variety of styles and levels

The Large Spaces Notebook is designed for 60 x 80 foot spaces, but many of the sequences are designed to be broken into smaller drills that would fit into smaller spaces. The Small Spaces Notebook is specifically designed for 40 x 40. 


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