Take Your Success To The Next Level

You work hard. You've got skills. But now you need the confidence, focus and determination to show what you've got. Success From The Inside will show you how to smash your glass ceiling, in dog sport and in life.


An Easy Read—A Powerful Shift In Thinking

You will learn how to...

Build Confidence

Learn how to build confidence and deal with those time when you aren't feeling it.


Stop the Ticker Tape

Control your negative self-talk and automate your subconscious mind to give you empowering messages.


Control Your Nerves

Understand performance anxiety, and learn techniques to deal with the feeling of ring nerves.


Conquer Fear

Develop strategies to deal with fear, doubt, and uncertainty so you can feel braver and take risks.


Stop the Sabotage

Identify the messages that are holding you back and causing you to sabotage yourself.


Take Action

Quit procrastinating, get motivated and start training with goal-setting and planning.


Laser Focus

Learn how to focus correctly. Focus is the game-changing skill of top performers.


Find Your Flow

Learn how to put yourself in the moment and enjoy the process.


"No matter who you are, or what aspirations you have, Kathy has the coaching expertise to determine what is holding you back. She provides tools and insights that help you move forward, mapping out a plan towards achieving your goals and dreams. Kathy always inspires and empowers; she really makes you believe and has a beautiful talent for bringing out the best in people!"

Jennifer McCaffery
Agility Competitor and Coach

"I needed to share. You have no idea how your book Success From The Inside has changed the way I think and perform not only in the agility ring but at my job and other parts of my world as well. I read two chapters and did the workbook sections religiously every other night. Have I been successful? Yes! Whether I've Q'd or not I feel confident and accomplished in every way! Thank you!"

Joanne Pignataro
Agility Competitor

"Do you want to take control? The mental game is HUGE... and Kathy knows what it takes to teach, build, and maintain the mental toughness needed to be at the top of your game... and it works! FABULOUS read."

Jan Alexander
Agility Competitor

Kathy Keats

Dogs are wonderful teachers.

I've been very fortunate to travel the world with my dogs representing Canada in international competition as both a competitor and a coach.

And the one thing I've seen over and over again is that dog sport is like a small window into life. 

Dogs teach us about how to live a good life, and inspire us to be better than we might even strive to be for ourselves. 

Dog sport has been my classroom.

And I'd like to share the lessons I've learned with you about the path to success, so you can pursue your own dreams.



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Success from the Inside has become a classic in the mental game for dog sport niche.

This internationally popular book can be found in the training bags and on the reading devices of international dog sport competitors world-wide.

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