This 10-video series, 60+ page ebook and bonus workbook of drills will teach you how to stay connected!

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Connection Is the Glue...

...Teamwork is the Result.

Connection is about focus, a clear mind, trust, and teamwork. 

  • To focus correctly you must learn to widen and narrow your attention so you can identify the subtle cues your dog gives you.
  • To have a clear mind, you must know your job and the course inside out so you can focus on your dog's needs.
  • To have trust and teamwork, your dog must understand his job and trust you to direct him so neither of you hesitate or have any doubts.

"I am enjoying this course so much! It's exactly what I needed. I'll no doubt watch the videos over and over and re-read the e-book. Can't wait to get out there and start practicing!"

— Christy Skinner

Here's what you'll learn:

The key flaw in agility handling technique that kills your connection with your dog, (but you've never been taught how to fix).

The difference between trust, assumption and anticipation, which one you tend toward, and how each of these affects your ability to connect with your dog. 


Why trusting your dog may be killing your connection, and how to be more in the moment.

How and when to shift your focus appropriately to pick up important performance keys so you can react more quickly to your dog's next move.


Why your walkthrough is hurting your connection and how to improve it....


Connect Better, Communicate Better

That amazing feeling of teamwork comes from fantastic connection with your dog. Isn't that worth $39.97?

"Your courses are always insightful and thought provoking and have such a great focus on the basic foundation of what we do! It's refreshing to have access to affordable courses—ones that focus on the uhman responsibilities for the team!"

— Teresa Shuey


Common questions

How long do I have access for? For as long as I'm around to maintain the website.

What format is the ebook and workbook in?
You can download it in PDF format for viewing on computer or tablet. 

How long is the ebook?
The PDF version is over 60 pages.

Will there be a real paper version?
If there is enough interest, I may also put out a 'real' book, but I'm not planning it at this time.

How do I access my videos and ebook?
The videos and ebook are available in a Member Only area on the website, which you get access to immediately after purchase.


Help Your Dog With Better Connection

The ultimate guide to handler connection. If you want to be the best teammate possible, you need to understand connection!

"Kathy’s coaching style has been a very big part of my success in agility. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to give you the mental tools to push thru your ‘glass ceiling’."

Lynda Caughlin
Canadian national champion, world team member

"If you are really serious about improving in agility, not only your handling and teaching skills but also your mental game; there is nobody in dog training that will be able to help you more than Kathy."

Dante Camacho
World team member

"“Kathy has an uncanny ability to read and understand exactly what every competitor needs in regards to the mental management side of this sport! She is definitely the kind of coach and mentor every athlete deserves!"

Stacy Peardot-Goudy
Multi-national and world champion