One Simple Question That Helps You Prepare To Run An Agility Course



All the training. All the time. All the money.

We think we're ready. 

And then BOOM! We go into the ring and make a muck of it.

How is that possible? 

Well, there are lots of reasons, of course.

But one mistake I see handlers make consistently is they aren't as prepared to run the...

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5 Ways You Sabotage Your Walkthroughs (Plus The Ultimate Test Of Readiness)



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Round and round you go.

Trying to remember the course, decide on your handling...wait, the walkthrough's over? "I'm not ready!" you wail.

But top handlers seem to memorize courses in an instant, don't they?

They figure...

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3 Tips For Better Walk-throughs


Part of the fun in agility is analyzing courses, discovering all the options and then deciding on the best way to run the course.

But most people don’t use the walk-through to full advantage.

Here are three quick tips that will help you maximize your walk-throughs!

1. Don't obsess


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Luck Versus Preparation In Dog Agility


The Mirage Of The Winner

Every year, talented dog and handler teams win world championships.

But the truth is, out of many talented handlers, it was their weekend. The next weekend, someone else could have just as easily won the crown.

The interesting thing is that in any given year, probably 20 of...

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